Shri Shradhanand Anathalaya, Nagpur
Regd. Under P.T.Act. No.114 (N) I.T. Rebate under 80-G 1961
News and activities
Sankrant Celebrations:
We always try to rise up to celebrate every festival by encouraging the children to make handicrafts to suit the occasion.

Nursery Baby Ward:
There is a well equipped nursery for the new born and young babies with trained nurses and aayas. Doctor visits the nursery everyday and looks after health and sanitation problems that the children might be facing.  They are sent to the hospital only if it is absolutely necessary. We attribute the children`s good health because of doctor's efforts.

Well equipped balak mandir is there with trained teachers, educational toys, books, CDs and  other educational and informational material. When they are a little older they go to regular schools.

All children are adopted according to the rules laid down by the cara.  (central adoption resource agency, delhi )

“ A baby makes love stronger, The days smaller, The nights longer, & a HOME happier”

Environment in the Orphanage:
Residents enjoy family atomosphere. All the festivals like diwali, dussehra , ganpati etc are celebrated in the traditional way. There is magical sense of togetherness in the ashram.

Professional Trainning:
We send the children those who have passed their 10th exam, for Tailoring, Baking, handicrafts etc. The idea being that they can earn the living once they leave the institution.

Computer Training:
People from reputed IT companies come to teach these children basics in computer education so that they are computer savvy.

Extra Curricular Activities:
The children go to Baljagat which is another institution to learn Computer Games, Dance, Music, Karate and they take part in their activities and even earn Prizes.

For the entertainment of children Color TV, Tape Recorder and all types of toys are provided