Shri Shradhanand Anathalaya, Nagpur
Regd. Under P.T.Act. No.114 (N) I.T. Rebate under 80-G 1961
News and activities
Sankrant Celebrations:
We always try to rise up to celebrate every festival by encouraging the children to make handicrafts to suit the occasion.
  • Unwed pregnant teenagers come here. They are mecrcilessly beaten and driven away from home. We shelter them, give them medicines and proper diet with emotional support and utmost care.
  • Newborn children are registered with the child welfare committee, so that they have their papers in order for adoption or for the real world. It is our main objective to find suitable homes for every child. Precaution is taken while selecting a home¬† for the child. As we belive that the people looking after a child and giving them a home is always preferable than the institution.
  • They get food, shelter and clothing.
  • They get medical and development facilities till the adoptive families are located.
  • To provide them with basic education.
  • We try and give them a happy childhood in the absence of parents.
  • When the girls grow up we find suitable matches and get them married.