Shri Shradhanand Anathalaya, Nagpur
Regd. Under P.T.Act. No.114 (N) I.T. Rebate under 80-G 1961
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Sankrant Celebrations:
We always try to rise up to celebrate every festival by encouraging the children to make handicrafts to suit the occasion.
 This institution is dedicated to the care, protection and rehabilitation of orphans, destitute women and children. Over eight decades institution have been working tirelessly and selflessly for the upliftment of the unfortunate and the underprivileged members of the society. The institution is primarily for girls. Boys are housed only till the age of six. There are above 200 inmates in the orphanage.

Following government aided schemes are run by the shradhaand anathalaya.

There are 3 Age groups of inmates i.e. 0 to 6 yrs. 6 to 12 yrs. And 12 to 18 yrs.

Babies come to this institution are surrendered by parents/parent by legal document deed of surrender Or Babies forsaken and abandoned by the mothers found in trains or garbage dumps, children lost in transit etc. Are reported to the Police who take the custody of the child and produce it before the Child welfare Committee, Children found by child line are also brought before the Child welfare Committee. The Committee after hearing the Police, order the child to be sent to a Govt. recognized child caring institute to be kept till claimed by the relatives or efforts to trace their parents the child Relinquishment investing the authority of the child by Child Welfare Committee and order to the Anathalaya to rehabilitate the child by way of adoption or otherwise.

Parents who are financially weak, single or decease inflicted or criminals undergoing imprisonment get the children sent to the anathalaya under orders which is usually is 18 yrs. These residents are mostly school going girls. They also learn crafts according to their aptitude. If efforts to find the parents or rehabilitate them fail, they are transferred to Aashrit section of the anathalya.

Adhargriha Section :-
This scheme offers shelter to unwed and destitute mothers, or deserted women brought by police with court orders or those transferred from other sections of the anathalaya. After delivery the mother has the option of surrendering the child or take it along when she leaves. Maximum stay here is 2 yrs. If efforts to rehabilitate them by various vocational training and crafts or through marriage. Or after fail all the efforts then they can be transferred to Aashrit section.

Ashrit section :-
This is the non-aided section of the anathalaya. It is self sustaining and one of the pillars of the strong hold of the anathalaya, as an end of all transfers. It is a hermitage for destitute and stressed unwed mothers. Efforts are made to get donations to keep this section going.

Note :-
This institution was started for orphans, abandoned and destitute women and children. The institution was one big family housing the new works and the aged, the grant has divided the residents into different sections.